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Monday, March 14, 2011

Security in Kaduna, a plus for the government.

Security is the main stay of any peaceful society. If there is any thing worth remembering the two past governors of Kaduna state (Alhaji Muhammed Makarfi and Arch. Namandi Sambo) is their keen approach to security issues in Kaduna during their tenures. After 2000/2001 religious riots which took Kaduna state by surprise and created psychological divisions in the Christian and Moslem settlements, the security strategies created in the state offered Kaduna citizens more avenue to interact and move ahead against all odds. During Makarfi’s time, sub-barracks were built in volatile areas within the Kaduna metropolis and security personals were constantly on check within such areas. Their presence alone gives one no opportunity to think of igniting crisis by whatever act or starting any form of public disturbance without thinking of the consequences.
I remember vividly after the year 2000 crisis when we will be inside church on Sundays, while soldiers would be patrolling outside. If there is any small misunderstanding in an area, a small Air-force plane would be seen patrolling the town-ship air space to report on areas of mass movement, which will be quickly followed up by ground soldiers to fall stall peace within the area. After Arch. Namadi Sambo took over the leadership of the state, he created as well as launches a security theme/strategy called Operation Yaki. The word Yaki simply means ‘war’. This (Operation Yaki), therefore, suggest “War on Crime”. Police patrol vehicles and power bikes (motor cycles) flooded the streets of Kaduna, given 24 hours security service to the residents.
Whenever there is a public function, the organizers of the event must write to the nearest police station and get permission days before the main day of the event. In this way, people strive to achieve peace in every public function as disturbance will land the organizers or those involved in police net. The good thing about the security outfit in Kaduna state is that, the police and other security agencies do respond to rumours without waiting to be taken un-aware. The moment there is rumour threatening the security of people in the state, the town will begin to witness an increase in the number of armed security personals as well as swift patrol of security vehicles and bikes. This gives the people a restful mind to pursuing businesses and other activities without being scared of such rumours.
Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa (the current governor of Kaduna state) also seems to maintain the security tradition already established by his predecessors. For example, Kaduna state has hosted mega-political rallies in the recent yet none of such has ended in crisis of any kind. This is unlike some states in Nigeria where party faithful keep clashing during rallies and other party activities. Above all, security is the first and probably the most paramount thing that the people desire from government. With election by the corner, leaders should put security as the first priority.