*** Art in Disguise ***

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The growth of Unconventional art in Today’s world.

Through my study of art, I come to discover that, some artists are as controversial as the art they sometimes create. No artist would ordinarily like his or her art to be silent. While others (artists) produce thought provoking art pieces to open up a hidden secret about bad practices being carried out in the society, some artists would just make a creative humor of a painful situation of an issue troubling people in the mind. In any case, they all want to catch attention of the public and air their views in a captivating manner. This means that, the artist always put into consideration some serious thoughts, ideas of people’s experiences before releasing a visual comment. In this way, the artist has to settle on the best method of relating his/her ideas, feelings, or thoughts to the understanding of the public or spectators. By so doing, the artist choose to either go conventional or unconventional in the creation of his/her art.
The term ‘conventional’ is used in art to mean art works created using established standards or conventions. Convention in a strict sense as used in visual art, means the customary way in which things are done within a group. This technically has to do with style, form, shape or even materials used in creating the art work. For example, piece of painting (portrait or landscape painting) beautifully executed in oil on canvas can be considered as a conventional art work. The same thing applies to still-life paintings or drawings. In terms of style, the artist must be able to execute such a work of art in conformity with the generally acceptable style, especially in terms of the forms, shapes etc, and the way such forms or shapes are represented either in elongated or diminutive manner.
The unconventional art is more or less like a direct opposite of the conventional art in the creation of unconventional art works. The artist disregards the established standards or the usual/ customary way of producing art works to achieve certain designs which sometimes could be seen as controversial in appearance. Most artists do this deliberate to indirectly pull the audience into seeing a hidden truth about the society they live. For example, an artist may decide to used scrap material of a particular used products like covers of bear bottles to gum on a canvas, creating series of funny images as a visual comment about the ills of alcohol in the society; Or it might be satirical carved sculptural forms represented in a manner that will amuse one about a situation.
In today’s world, artists are seem to be given more priority to unconventional art practices as against the practice of conventional art. Art forms like installation art, and other similar arts which are suggestive of the artist’s idea rather than the aesthetics indicate that, any thing can be art in this present world. This means that art can be any thing so long as it called art by its creator (the artist).